Feel The Power

CalinixOS Classic is an OS based on Arch Linux which decides to take a turn in casual mindset of Linux Distributions. It just does not stand as an alternative to Windows/MacOS but also stands as a frontface to several other distributions. Like many other distributions, it is, ofcourse Secure and Privacy-respecting.

Download CalinixOS Alpha 6-5

This isn't yet another Beginner's Distribution

No! This edition of CalinixOS is not at all for that beginner coming from something like Windows who loves using mouse and needs a just-works system with easy configuration. It is mainly focused on users who are more worried about performance and productivity. CalinixOS Classic provides a keyboard-centric yet simple experience. The UI is modern, elegant and efficient. It's focused on people seeking ease and performance in their work, who love to stay on the keyboard and configure stuff. It can be used by a beginner if he/she doesn't do much configuration than just change few themes. But yeah, if you are a content creator, developer or low end user, you have come to the perfect place.

A Familiar Desktop In Better Hands

CalinixOS is designed to interpret the MacOSX-like UI with many changes that make it the perfect alternative you would like to work on instead of a Mac/Windows Machine.

The basic tweaks you do can be done by the Lxapperance App to Customize your Distribution in a Basic Way. For advanced configuration, we have well-commented dotfiles to guide you on the way! Our beautiful desktop, with our custom tools, try to provide the users (or specifically the so-called power users) the best experience they can get.

Get things done in a Flash

Calinix is Fast, and Blazingly fast. It's lightweight enough to run on the weakest of computers JUST FINE.

Get Things done quick in Calinix with 3x speed you get in something like Mac/Windows. A super beautiful but lightweight desktop. Lesser "not responding", More Performance

System Requirements

Connect Faster, Better and Easier

Meet anyone, anywhere with the extensive support for Zoom, Teams, Jitsi, Meet Desktop, DogeMeet and other video conferencing apps. Enjoy your meetings, connect with people in a touch.

Use Jitsi to connect with your friends and family better. Free and Open Source video conferencing solution. From phone, web or desktop, anywhere, it JUST works!

Jitsi Website

Surf the Web, better, faster, in a secure way

Browse the whole Internet securely with Firefox Web Browser

No shady privacy policies or back doors for advertisers. Just a lightning fast browser that doesn’t sell you out. Get all the speed and tools with none of the invasions of privacy. Firefox Browser collects so little data about you, we don’t even require your email address to download. That’s because unlike other browsers, we have no financial stake in following you around the web.

About Firefox

Secure as a Padlock

Just like Linux is, Calinix too is resistant to PC Viruses, Spyware, Malware and Adware. A totally safe and secure experience

No one's laying eyes on you while you use your PC. We don't collect your personal data, nor do we allow government or any larger companies to collect them from you. We are completely Open Source with all our Code on Github


Develop With Ease

Calinix is a great choice for your laptop or desktop computer. It supports a wide range of developers, from hobbyists and students to professionals in corporate environments.

Maximize your development speed and productivity with the keyboard-centric interface of Calinix. The default Vim editor is a super powerful editor inbuilt in CalinixOS Classic. Get hands with a developer friendly interface with extensive support for tools to get your work going in a boost.

Development Guide

Iron for an Iron

Performance-centric tools for the Performance-centric User.

Get ready to use the awesome custom tools made for you in Linux. GIMP with PhotoGIMP for the Photoshop user and a lot more. Shift simply and easily.

Office? Not a Problem!

In Calinix Post Install App you get to choose your own office. We recommend Libreoffice which is completely compatible with MS Office Documents. It is clean, simple and easy and is the perfect choice of Free and Open Source Office Suite

About LibreOffice

Become more Productive!

Calinix's tiling capibilities allow you to become a LOT more productive in your workflow. Manage tasks easily with tiling and dwindle. Calinix even has many other modes.

Tiling Windows makes your screen cleaner, more organized and easy to work with. Don't keep clicking, just TILE it! Tiling makes you use your screen estate effectively and tends to speed up your workflow.



Can I use Calinix besides my Current OS

Sure, you can dual boot CalinixOS with any of your Linux/Windows systems. It's not too hard. Dual Booting Guidelines will be updated later


Can I use Calinix in VM

You can, but we don't prefer it. We suggest you use Calinix in Physical Hardware as the compositor Calinix uses lags a lot in Virtual Machines. Several Other Features also do not work which again, make it lose it's shine.


What is the Update System of Calinix

CalinixOS is completely rolling release, based on Arch Linux. It hence gets the latest and greatest software out of the box.


What are the System Requirements for CalinixOS Classkic?

  • RAM 2GB (4GB Recommended for super smooth usage)
  • CPU Core 2 Duo (Recommended)
  • Disk Space 30GB (HDD works super fine)
  • Resolution 1024×768 resolution


Is CalinixOS suitable for Individuals

Yes, definitely. CalinixOS is designed to be comfortable, powerful and configurable. Everything is done to make the power user experience better. User feedback is very important to us and used to consistently improve the quality of CalinixOS.


Can I use CalinixOS Classic for a Server?

Yes you can but not recommended. CalinixOS is more focused on Users who need a smoothly workable desktop. It's for the users who love the keyboard and terminal.

Probably the biggest issue with an Arch-based Distribution as a server operating system is that it's not clear where and when applications may break after an upgrade. More often than not, you have to keep up with what's going on in the wiki and on the forums before doing any sort of upgrade; with Debian and CentOS, you can well assured that any upgrades won't break any applications, since more often than not, the upgrades done on the STABLE branch will be security/bug fixes.

Still though, there are many servers running on Arch/based distributions without issues