To become a Tester

Join Us on Discord

At first, Use the Development ISOs

To Prove You are A Tester

Every Week of the Month

Stick Around for Couple Of Months

Believe in The Project

Prove Your Worth and You'll Get Noticed

Try To Help Others as Much As You Can

Do not beg or force for becoming a Tester,
You can tell it one or two times, or if we want, We ourselves will contact you.

Tasks of a Tester

If You Agree to Become A Tester

Tell me Why You Want To Be A Tester
How can you Contribute?
What Hardware you plan running CalinixOS on
Give me a Gmail Account for sharing the ISOs

- Arghya Sarkar (Jay)
Project Lead and CEO of Calinix Project
Discord Username: JAY#5059