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About Calinix Project

What's Calinix?

Three Words: Power, Beauty, Speed

That's what the Calinix Project is based on! We make products that give you a beautiful interface, a powerful and quick-to-work-in professional desktop and tools you can work on smoothly. We believe that when you are on your keyboard, you get more efficiency and comfortability to work. If you are among those, Calinix is making products for your kind. Calinix Team even believes in speed, so we deliver applications which are fast, even on low end hardware, as your hardware shouldn't decide your workflow.

Our Partners

Our Goals

We Make Our Products Focusing on Three Essentials


We try to make our software as optimized as we can for low end hardware. We believe in the statement "Your Hardware Can't Judge Your Ability"


We want your workflow to be as smooth and flawless as possible, hence we build our desktop focusing on keeping stuff keyboard-centric, fast and efficient enough to help you work quickly.


"If a diamond can't attract, It's worthless"
When we also believe in powerful desktops, we equally believe in polished, beautiful frontend that make your eyes fall in love. If your desktop looks good, you work more efficiently and pleasantly.


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